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whats your rating on ttgl and is yoko not the biggest babe ever lets be real

overall i liked it!! slow start i guess ahahah its a really popular anime but the mecha themes made it less good for me than it probably really is. since i absolutely hate mecha animes. wish yoko had a larger role other than shooting an arm or a leg every now and then (and accomplishing nothing but giving simon a chance) and being there to suddenly be kissed by a dude who’s going to die in ten minutes

buuut i loved that exciting feeling that i also got when watching kill la kill :^) like when shits about to go down and u know its the last battle and the opening song or that ONE ost comes up and u KNOW the character is gonna launch some badass attack now and u just sit there with a smile on ur face like yes yes yes YES. i loved that part of it!!! i enjoyed watching it but it wasnt a masterpiece for me :^)

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why do you hate haru?? i must know bc i hate him too

RIGHT. i linked to a post a while ago and i found it again - this person explains why more perfectly than i ever could!!!

”Let me explain to you why I don’t like Monster-kun on the whole. Here I am. I’m Shizuku. This guy I’ve met once and who has been suspended from school for fighting has just tackled me into the bushes and pinned me down. He is clearly angry – his tone and posture demonstrate that aptly. Sure, sure, he relents once he is convinced I’m not a spy for the school, but the next day he pulls me into an alley and threatens to rape me if I shout for help. I go with him, though I have no obligation to, because he is physically larger than me and has a bad temper. I’m afraid that if I don’t, he might hurt me. Later on, he dumps a drink on my head because something I say makes him angry.

The guy starts going to school again. He follows me everywhere and won’t leave me alone. My teacher is relieved because he seems to have made a friend, and doesn’t seem to notice that I am uncomfortable with the situation. I try ignoring this guy, and I try to put him off by telling him I’m busy with studying, but he won’t stop bothering me. As we are walking along after school one day, he forcibly kisses me.





“But, Day, she likes him!”

No. No, fuck that noise. This is a work of fiction. It is not real life. And this is exactly what is wrong with it. Monster-kun tells its young readership that this is a Good Thing, that this makes Haru an attractive young man, because he won’t take no for an answer, because he doesn’t even bother to ask yes or no in the first place. Here is what myself and several of the other women and girls who have also watched this and with whom I’ve chatted about this agreed on: we went out, bought pepper-spray, and enrolled in self-defense classes way back at “tackled me in the bushes” and “threatened to rape me”. And, no, I didn’t report his behavior because I already know what would happen – “Oh, it just means he likes you!”, “He’s awkward, but he’s harmless!”, “You’re over-reacting!”, so on and ad nauseum. And then! When he does attack me, regardless of whether I did say something before about his behavior, it is MY fault. I should’ve been more direct with him, I should’ve told the teacher more, I should’ve done x, y, z even though I am a sixteen year old girl in a patriarchal society.

By the way, lets change the scenario slightly. Lets say that a similar thing happened with me, as I am now, a twenty-something soldier who is proficient with several types of semi- and fully automatic guns and who has had training in hand-to-hand combat. And, here, we’ll even stack the deck in the guy’s favor by saying that he’s not a soldier or a veteran himself. He has tackled me in the bushes, threatened to rape me, and forcibly kissed me.

Guess what, folks? I’m still totally freaked the fuck out, even with my military background, even with knowing I used to fight guys in high school, even knowing that I can outrun most Americans, even with the knowledge that I have a great bunch of co-workers, a loving and supportive family, friends who are ultra-loyal, all people who should theoretically take me seriously. And if I feel that way, how do you think the average woman out there feels about these sorts of things?

So, fuck you, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. Fuck you and your shitty message to your target audience about romance. Fuck you and your inability to think of ways to demonstrate that Haru is socially maldeveloped that don’t include rape. Fuck you and your shitty message to your target audience about how they “should” feel about being sexually threatened.

And, finally, fuck the teacher in the damn show that thinks sending the socially-reclusive, ultra-introverted girl to bring homework to the boy who has shown a propensity for violence and anger issues and whom *you* won’t go see yourself because you are afraid is a good idea. FUCK YOU.”

also from another post this time here on tumblr:

”The first episode goes out of its way to show that Haru is awkward and lacking in social grace. He’s sympathetic. The fact that he means well by our intrepid main character and that it’s clear he has a sense of loyalty works to help us forgive his misunderstanding of some social rules. What’s more, he continues throughout the episode to try and be friendly with Shizuku despite her protestations, but given that he doesn’t understand things like friendship and manners, we’re supposed to give him a pass. This idea echoes the “fear” that men have of being perceived as creepy even with good intent. Here’s the thing: ENDS DO NOT JUSTIFY MEANS. Haru’s behavior is not really acceptable. Regardless of his intentions and hotness, he should learn to LISTEN to what people say. Not listening is how consent goes out the window.

This is important to consider, given that he kisses Shizuku without her permission at the end of the episode. having “no boundaries” isn’t cute. It’s, well, it’s scary. However, given the nature of shoujo, this is swept under the rug by the fact that Shizuku is SUPPOSED to fall for him, making his lack of regard for her personal space “alright”. It’s a common idea, but when you stop and think about being in a relationship with someone who thinks like this, the consequences get disturbing rather quickly.”

there’s been some controversy as whether he actually said that in the manga - and he did.

tl;dr haru is a gross character who threatened to rape his future love interest. it was completely treated like it didn’t matter. his pushiness, forced kisses and keeping shizuku away from her studies when SHE wanted to study is seen as cute. they get married in the manga for gods sake.

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Did You know you're an angel?
Who forgot how to fly...
Did you know that it breaks my heart every time to see you cry?
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